The timing with this weeks’ Martin Luther King Day, along with my last blog post on making vision boards, paired perfectly with this week’s topic of “WHO is Kelly?” and “WHY did I open Sprinkles n Confetti Boutique?”  The basic answer is because I had a dream!

Headshot of Kelly

First, let me introduce myself.  I consider myself to be the typical American woman.  I have been married, divorced, and remarried and am a wife to a wonderful man, a mother of 2 great grown kids (now 20 and 22), a fur mom of a dog and cat, a Christian, and a professional engineer by trade. I have been born and raised in Northern California, but I am looking forward to moving to our 40 acres in Wyoming upon retirement. I love to camp, take weekend getaways, go wine tasting, and enjoy fun times with friends and family. 

Have you ever felt that gnawing inside of you saying that you were meant for more? I have always felt that. I have always wanted to own my own business and to grow it into something extra special.

I spent years working in the real estate industry and trying different MLM type companies, but they just weren’t the thing for me.  I don’t feel bad about not pursuing them further because they played an important role in my life and taught me valuable skills that I continue to use to this day. And I had almost given up on the dream of building my own business and then like so many, the pandemic hit.

Like most of you, I spent the majority of 2020-2022 at home living in leggings Image of Kelly and husband wine tastingand t-shirts. And then in 2022, I was expected to start living life again and going out in public- in what?  I went to the big box stores and the mall to shop and due to the shipping issues, the racks were bare! And what they had was awful.  I turned to online shopping and ordered several things that looked great. The next thing you know, one of two things happened. 1) They arrived and were sized to fit a 3-year-old! Or 2) I ordered it from a site that appeared legit and the next thing you know I would get shipping notifications from Italy! I had to wait months for several items and when they didn’t fit- the costs to return was over $100 in shipping, if that was even an option. I tell you, Good Will loved me!

I knew there had to be a better way to shop. But what? So, I thought about it for a while and that is when Sprinkles n Confetti was born! I had/have a vision for the boutique. I want the boutique to be one where the American woman can come online and find unique, trendy apparel that they feel good in, is good quality, and that they can wear in their everyday lives to work, to run errands, out to lunch with girlfriends, or out on a date night. And I wanted it to be something that I personally either have in stock or is in-stock at one of my US based suppliers and can ship fast! No more waiting months for items.

I want you to feel good in our items!  As a middle-aged woman myself, there are plenty of times when I don’t feel good about myself. Things may not be as high and tight as they used to be. For me, many times I would go shopping and leave defeated as the big box stores always promote the latest fads of crop tops or what not. I don’t want to bare my belly at 51! Do you relate?

I want you to feel cute and trendy when you go out, for you to have an item that is unique and has a little flare to it so that your friends say, “oh that is so cute,” something that not everyone has, something that not everyone in town is buying at the local store.  I want you to find items that may have that something extra such as being a little longer in back to cover, has a little extra detailing, or just fits well so that you feel slim and attractive in it. Who doesn’t want that? And that my friends is what Sprinkles n Confetti is all about!

January 20, 2023 — Kelly Soule

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