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Sprinkles n Confetti

Sprinkles n Confetti Boutique is owned by Kelly Soule', a mom, wife, employee, and entrepreneur. Like many of you, she lived in leggings and sweats during the Coronavirus pandemic. Now, that life is starting to resume some level of normalcy again, she has found it unfulfilling to shop. The online stores have been a nightmare! Items are shipped from overseas and take weeks (if not months) to arrive, are poor quality, have no return policy, and are made to fit a 2 year old. She has wasted hundreds of dollars on items she can't wear. So Kelly thought that there had to be a better way to shop, did some research, and ultimately opened Sprinkles n Confetti Boutique so that the real American woman has choices for fun, cute, and affordable clothing. All items are from US suppliers and ship from our store in Northern California. And why the name Sprinkles n Confetti- because it makes her smile! You can't think of sprinkles or confetti without thinking of happy thoughts (besides cleaning them up that is) and well, the world is negative enough so she wanted to bring a little piece of happiness to the world and hopefully a smile from you as well!