It’s February and the winter blues have set-in and have taken root. We all still love to still curl up in our comfy sweaters and sweats this winter, especially on those chilly mornings and evenings. But then there is a hint of spring every few days that pops in just to tease us with some nice weather for a day or two. At least here in Northern California, I swear the weather is bi-polar.  I have already worn shorts and t-shirts this year and the next day it poured rain. You can’t keep up with it and that makes this time of year especially hard to know what to shop for. I mean, it’s easy to shop for summer or winter wear when you know what the temperatures are really going to be like. But here we are in this grey area that can’t make up its mind. So, what can a girl do?

The answer is actually pretty simple!  There are two ways to purchase apparel right now that will help you transition from winter to spring without breaking the bank or leave you caught being too cold or too hot.

The first way to transition is to use layering pieces.  Here, in this photo, I am wearing a spaghetti strap summer dress that I fell in love with. So, what did I do- I paired it with a cute jean jacket. Do the same with your shoes- instead of sandals, wear boots or closed toe shoes.  Most spring and summer dresses can be worn all year around by simply wearing a cardigan or jacket with them, add a pair of leggings underneath if you like, and some boots and you are good to go.  And most of us already have the layering basics in your closet- a jean jacket (or two or three) and some cardigans.  By layering with basics that you already have, you can splurge on purchasing some cute trendy items.

Another tactic to use to transition is to buy mid-weight tops. For most of us, you can wear these tops almost year around. You can wear them in the fall and spring by themselves without being too hot or cold. During the winter, just throw on a jacket. The only time that these mid-weight tops may not be a good option is when it is 100 degrees outside. These photos here are of some of our current transition pieces that are available online. 

Of course, buying whole new outfits is always fun but it can be stressful this time of year. Hopefully these tips will help you wear your pieces longer each year.

February 16, 2023 — Kelly Soule

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