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Sprinkles n Confetti

Flat Socks (Multiple Color Options)

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Have you heard of Flat Socks?

Tired of having your feet sweat and stink up your Hey Dudes, Bobs, or other shoes that you don't want to wear socks with? Or are you tired of wearing the No-Show socks that actually show or worse, they come off around your toes and make you miserable all day.

You must try these flat socks! They look like insoles- but they are NOT.  They do NOT replace your insoles. Instead, you trim them to your size and put them on top of your insoles and then go about your day. They feature a moisture-wicking material and you wear them as you do socks. They are washing machine/dryer approved. So no more days of sweaty feet or no shows actually showing. Use them over and over. 

WHY didn't I think of such an invention?  These are sure to be one of those "things" you think, "how did I live without these?"